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  1. I just wanted to give you an update:

    It has now been a few weeks since I started using the washballs, they really are doing the job.

    The other thing is that for about two years I have been suffering with Eczema on my left ankle. Since using the washing machine balls my Eczema seems to be clearing up! I have been to the doctors on many occasions, and tried many ointments and lotions, with very little effect.

    So was the detergent causing me to suffer with Eczema?

  2. Hi Johnny

    I was looking into purchasing some of these and perhaps running a review on a money saving blog, but there seems little need as yours pretty much covers it all!

    I’ve heard some people say that the balls are flimsy and can fall apart, what’s your take on this?


    • Hello Alex

      The balls that I am using seem to be fairly robust, so no problem there.

      I have to say that I am still pleased with the results that I get from the balls. I can certainly say that my skin allergy seems to be also getting better all the time. I have read on some other sites too that some people were not satisfied with the results, as for me, I will continue to use them!


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