Try the £5 a day Challenge

£5 a day challenge

£5 a day challenge

Could you survive on £5 a day?

This idea may not sound very nice . But do try it, even for just one week!

It will teach you how to be very economical. By having so little money, you will discover the art of essential spending.



Try the £5 a day Challenge — 8 Comments

  1. I budget £10 a day (which includes my tobacco) throughout the month. Normally end the month spending £5.50 to £6.00 a day on average.

      • My budget spreadsheet currently runs to the end of 2017!

        Increases in Pension income over time are assumed at 1.5%, while increases in the cost of Utilities etc are assumed at 10% per annum. Anything greater than 1.5% or less than 10% would be a bonus for the year.

        The current pump price of diesel is also helping my budget for this year.

        I no longer use credit cards, and I save £100 a month with my local Credit Union. That is my “emergency fund” for any unexpected expense. It also helps others in my community to get low cost loans! I wish more people would sign up with their local Credit Union and put a little away regularly.

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