More Ways to Save Money With Vouchers Voucherbin Website

VoucherBinAs usual I am always on the lookout for sites that will help us to make money or save money!

Money Saving with Voucherbin

I recently came across Voucherbin who are also worth following on twitter at @Voucherbin. They will constantly keep you updated with the latest money saving vouchers.

The Voucherbin website is fairly straightforward and easy to use. On the home page it lists the latest voucher deals. However you are able to use a dedicated Voucherbin Savings Calculator should you wish to. So that if you have a certain budget and you are looking for something specific, this can be entered into the calculator. This will then produce a list of relevant discounted items within your budget.

If you sign up with Voucherbin you can also receive the latest coupons by email.

Alternatively you can also search for vouchers by categories e.g. Computer, Travel, Food or Fashion just to name a few. The website also lists a Selection of Featured Stores, which also give you an indication of the average savings that you can receive from each particular store.

Voucherbin Blog

The Voucherbin website also has an interesting blog section that covers a wide ranging variety of topics from Teach Your Kids To Be Money Wise, to Top 9 Beaches in UK to 4 Ways To Save On Wedding Costs.

Success Rating

Another cool little feature about this website is that each company featured there has a success rating, where each user can click and leave a rating as to how successful a visit to a certain trader was.

So if you are looking for a bargain, then why not pop over to Voucherbin and see if you can save some more of your precious money?


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