6 Ways to save Money in Retirement

Chelsea PensionersRetirement is the time when we should all be enjoying ourselves, free from the stresses of a daily working routine. Although we have more time on our hands, many of us will have less money, which means we need to make the most of the money we do have. Here we have assembled 6 tips that will help you save money once you are retired.

-List all monthly outgoings

In order to save money you need to work out what you are spending each month. Can you spend less on non-essential items? Making a list of everything you spend will help you to work out where you can make savings.

Holiday at home

If you normally go abroad for a holiday consider staying in the UK as this could potentially reduce the amount you have to spend. Exchange rates in European countries are not favourable to Sterling which means the amount of money you spend when abroad will also be higher compared with 5 or 10 years ago.

-Sell your unwanted items

If you have been living in the same property for a number of years chances are you will have accumulated a lot of stuff. Have a clear out of all the items you no longer use or want and them sell it at a carboot sale or online. Not only will this free up more space you can also make some money!

-Pay off your mortgage

A mortgage is usually the highest fixed monthly outgoing for any household so getting it paid off will normally leave you substantially better off. If you have the money at the start of your retirement then it is advisable to use this to pay off your mortgage, or as much as you can afford.

-Grocery shop monthly

Doing a monthly grocery shop is a great way to save money in retirement. It will allow you to take advantage of buying in bulk by buying the largest quantity of a particular product. This will also help prevent you from making small and frequent food purchases during the week that can end up being costly.

-Compare utility providers

This is one of the easiest yet most underused ways that over 50’s can save money once they are retired. Make a list of all your utilities and subscriptions such as Water, Gas, Electricity, Cable TV, Phone and Broadband. Next compare prices from different providers to see who has the best deals. You could save a substantial amount of money by switching these services.

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6 Ways to save Money in Retirement — 2 Comments

  1. I have an Open Office spreadsheet with all my income and expenditure which (currently) runs to 2016. Costs of utilities and insurance are estimated to increase by 10% each year, and my pension income by 2.5% until 2015 (2% thereafter).

    That allows me to see where I need to make savings – on “heavy” months, for example – and where I have “spare cash” to put aside as savings (with my local Credit Union).

    It also allows me to regularly reconcile my bank account.

    I shop weekly, with a fixed budget of £70. That’s for everything, including food for my dog and my tobacco. I haven’t spent that much each week for more than a year (normally £60 – £65). Things like washing up liquid and tea bags I buy from Poundland.

    Oh, and I always take a shopping list and a pocket calculator when I go shopping.

    • It certainly sounds to me like you have got to grips with budgeting. I think you will agree that by budgeting you have a far clearer idea on where your money is going and also much more control over it.

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