How To Save Money On Your Car


Cars can be a major help when it comes to moving about your daily life but they do have their downsides – cars can be quite costly not just to buy but also to maintain over time. The costs of a vehicle can really start to add up, and it is likely that you’re not going to simply have one car throughout your lifetime. From the cost of the car to purchase and standard running costs such as petrol, MOTs, services and any parts that are required or work that needs to be carried out, cars can cost an owner a lot of money over their lifetime. In addition to this, the cost of insurance and tax can go up in price at the drop of a hat, meaning it can be difficult for the average car owner to keep up. Here, we’re putting together some tips on how you can save money on your car.

Choose A Reliable Make

When it comes to choosing your car initially, you should do your research in order to ensure that the vehicle is generally reliable. Typically, Japanese makes such as Honda are some of the most reliable vehicles and while they will almost certainly need some form of work doing to them throughout their lifetime, you will find that they can often stay on the road for a much longer amount of time than what most other makes can. Choosing a reliable make in the first place can help to ensure that you are saving money in the long run.

Cutting Down On Maintenance

By ensuring that your car remains properly tuned, you can save a significant amount on petrol each year. Further to this, tuning your car on a regular basis can also help to reduce overall maintenance costs while also elongating the life of your vehicle. Changing the oil and oil filter in your car should also always be conducted as stated in the car manual and not on how often you believe the car’s oil should be changed. This will help you to cut costs on unnecessary work meaning the overall cost of your car is reduced.

Turn Away From Premium Fuel

Many people believe that by opting for Super Unleaded Petrol or Premium Diesel, they will enjoy much better performance from their vehicle, which is worth the increased cost of filling up your car. However, premium fuel often doesn’t provide any special benefits to normal vehicles and is only worthwhile if you are driving a car with a high-performance engine. Premium fuel can cost around 10 to 15 percent more than standard fuel and will typically not offer anything different.

Drive Conservatively

While it is always fun to put your foot down when you feel like it is safe to do so, you may find that this kind of driving can actually cost you a lot of money in the long run. Not only are you increasing the risk of being in an accident, but wasteful driving habits can also result in fuel being wasted. Trying to ensure that you are accelerating gently and anticipating traffic slows in order to avoid breaking heavily or at all, can help to ensure that you are saving money in the long-run.


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