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Property ChimneysSummertime is generally when you start to notice all the things you’d consider an imperfection in your home. Whether you think your living room’s looking a bit drab and is in need of a fresh lick of paint or you’re ready to go in all guns blazing with a sledge hammer, all improvements and renovations cost money, regardless of how big or small they might be.

Despite the fact that home improvements can be very expensive business, if you’re savvy, it is possible to save money.

Time Your Buying

If you’re not in too much of a rush and you don’t have any deadlines to meet – i.e. you’re not about to put your house up for sale – then wait for a sale. Bank holidays and season ends are generally always accompanied by store sales where you could find yourself some real bargains.

Look out for DIY store clubs and reward schemes too. As well as giving you the opportunity to build points for money off purchases in the future, some stores also offer discount days specifically for club members and the over 60s.

Shop Around

A huge proportion of your home improvement cost is likely to be assigned to the contractors undertaking the larger jobs that require a professional to complete. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’re unlikely to ever get a matching quote from two different contractors. Their prices will depend on the size of their team and overheads such as the running of a shop and a fleet, which means that quite often a self-employed trader will work out cheaper than hiring a well-known company.

Such a difference in price could cause you to lose far more money than necessary on just one element of your renovations so it’s always worth getting quotes from a number of different companies before committing.

Make the Most of Closed Off Funds

Sometimes being asset rich is no advantage, you’ve got money tied up everywhere but no access to instant cash to do the things you really want to do. If this is the case then taking out a loan against your car, home or another valuable asset could be worth considering.

These loans allow you access to the cash you need instantly while you still have use of your car or home. The difference between this and a bank loan is that the money leant to you is secured against an asset. This means that you won’t regain possession of said asset until the loan is repaid.

You should only ever take out a loan or finance agreement if you’re sure you can afford the monthly repayments. This type of financing should not be seen as ‘free-money’, it must be taken seriously and repaid on time if you’re to avoid financial hardship in the future.


This is perhaps the most obvious way to save money on your home improvements, as your labour costs nothing.

Nowadays there’s an online tutorial for pretty much everything which means it’s possible to master anything you’re looking to do. Remember though, if you do tackle a skilled project yourself, it’s worth paying a professional to come in and check everything’s safe and working as it should be.

This is a list that could go on forever so if you use or discover any other money saving tips

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