What Could You Buy With Your PPI Claim?

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With multiple methods now available to reclaim PPI compensation, it is now easier than ever to get your hands back on what is rightfully yours. Hundreds of banks and financial institutions currently owe people thousands and if you’ve been mis-sold PPI in the past, you too could be owed compensation and not even know it. Here, we are going to look at some of the things you could do with your PPI claim should you be successful.

Jet Away On Holiday

When you successfully made a claim, the possibilities for what you can do with your much-deserved payout are endless. With summer in full swing, however, why not take yourself away on a holiday to enjoy some sun, sea and sand? Depending on the amount of money that you win back from your PPI policy, your holiday can range from a 2-week break in the USA with the family to a relaxing spa weekend with your friends, all dependent on funds and your own wanderlust. With plenty of hotels and holiday destinations at affordable prices, you can travel away on your perfect holiday no matter the budget.

Buy A Car

Completely dependent on the amount of money that you receive from your PPI claim, you could buy yourself that car you have always wanted and treat yourself to the dream ride to work every morning. However, while this could be tempting to some, it is important that this is a car that you can insure and afford to run in the long term, in order to make it a worthwhile investment. Perhaps you have been looking for a little run around to get you backwards and forwards to work, or your heart is set on a luxury car with amazing mileage to get you on your way for your busy morning commute, the possibilities are endless.


If buying the material things doesn’t appeal to you, then why not invest your money? This is not only smarter from a business standpoint but if invested properly, can also help you to earn a bit of long-term cash. For example, by investing in housing and renting it out to the right tenant, you can make money back on your investment with relative ease. This is also beneficial if you invest it in your own property, whether for renovations or general maintenance, as this could have the potential to boost the worth of your house or simply make it much more comfortable for you and your family – which brings us onto our next point.


If you aren’t looking to invest your money in another property, you can also build onto your own. This, therefore, allows you to expand or improve upon what you already have and ensure that this is a house you want to call home. If you have space to improve and extend, this is also something that could help to increase value and allows you to make the most of what you have. Most importantly, by building rather than moving you can save yourself money in the long term and allow yourself more room for expansion without spending time and money moving house.
With all this in mind, it is important to ensure that you spend the money wisely no matter the amount to ensure that it does not go to waste. However, you decide to spend it, make it an investment to remember. Enjoy!


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