Dealing with Annoying Text Messages

How to deal with annoying text messages

We all receive them,and they are becoming ever more frequent. So here’s a thought about how you may choose to deal with unwanted text messages.

Step 1

Read the message carefully; have you been made an “offer” of cash or benefit with out any prequalification? If so, you may want to accept that offer eg, “you are entitled to a £4000 refund” – why not accept the offer and demand the money? If they haven’t written “subject to conditions” – then they are fair “game” – They should have been more careful and they shouldn’t have texted!

Without stating terms and conditions, you may accept their kind offer and demand the cash. We are working on a few currently….. results to follow next time.

Step 2

So you have read the message; have you given them permission to use your data? Your data being YOUR private property? Do these texts make you feel harassed?

Step 3

You may decide to simply warn off the company with a notice, with an option of charging in future for repeat offences?

Step 4

You may decide you want damages now!

Step 5

To demand damages, you might want to follow a 3 or 4 step administrative process.

Step 6

The finalise record now forms the private record of the parties, and you are ready for court action! Make your amounts realistic!

Check the White Rabbit play list for “how to make corporations pay for their mistakes in detail”

Tracking down a company: “Google search” the name/site/mobile number. Sometimes, You Will hit a Dead End, Bogus Sites, no contact numbers, no company details etc. You could take a chance and text them back – enticing them to contact you and “reveal” themselves. If you track their site, it is sometimes useful to request their literature and pin down which company you are claiming against. Or where appropriate, use;

Once again many thanks to White Rabbit Trust for allowing me to steal this an post on my site.

If you have had a result dealing with annoying text messages, then please let me know in the comments below.

Here is the video:


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