Santander Business Bank of the Year – How the HELL??

I have just had the following through the post:

” Do you need financial help to achieve your business plans?”

Santander Suck

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The thing that really gets me about this letter is that at the bottom on the right-hand side they have been awarded “Business Bank of the Year” , this was awarded to them by Moneyfacts.

How on earth did Santander managed to achieve the award Business Bank of the Year??

Alison Brittain

Alison Brittain

Currently the web is littered with complaints about Santander. Do a Google search for the following terms: Santander Suck, I hate Santander, Santander useless. I have also noticed that a couple of Fecebook pages have also appeared. Not just the internet though, they also appeared on Watchdog represented by Alison Brittain, Executive Director, Retail Distribution. Even after Watchdog nothing seem to have changed for the better.

So how the hell did Santander get “Business Bank of the Year”?

My personal experience with them has been an absolute nightmare!!!

I originally banked with them when they were Abbey and all was fine. Then Santander came onto the scene and made an absolute cluster f**k by making changes for the worse.

The worst part was the on-line banking – this went from a good to system to a system that caused me to lose a great deal of money!

Standing orders continued to be paid out after they were cancelled. Payments to other banks were being sent without reference numbers attached to the electronic payment. Logging-on, even today is a very slow and often a hit or miss affair.

Then if you have a complaint – well I would do better off asking the village idiot to sort it out. Even at one stage a member of staff said “I am sorry but I am sick of banging my head trying to sort your problems out.”

I even wrote on a few occasions to Alison Brittain, but never got a reply. The best I ever got was to be given my own personal complaints handler, who made me feel warm, but never made any effort to get the money that was lost refunded back to me!

So Santander, what are you going to do about my problems and all the other complaints from customers?

Moneyfacts, how do you justify the award to Santander?





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  1. I agree! What a f***ing joke Santander are. I am sick of having to deal with their incompetent staff. I have only been with them for 18 months but what a nightmare I have had. So many things have gone wrong. I won’t bore you with the details but I will say that it too 3 phone calls over 4 weeks and speaking to 7 members of staff to get my cards cancelled and re-issued when I lost my wallet. Does that give you some idea of what they are like?
    I bitched about them on Twitter and had a “business advisor” from Santander ask me for feedback. I sent one of the longest emails of my life to him. If you would like to tell him about your nightmare his email address is and his Twitter name is @Wowsol_Chris


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