Barclays Bank Scam

Barclays Scam AlertHere is another scam email you should be aware of

This email arrived in my in-box this morning:

“Dear member,

Your account is suspended due to the number of incorrect login attempts.

For your protection, we’ve suspended your account.

To reactivate your account please follow the instructions in the link below:

If not completed until June 27, we will be forced close your account.

Note: If you receive these e-mail in your BULK/SPAM section please add to your address book

Thank you,

Customer Support Service.

Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered.
For assistance, log in to your Barclays Bank Plc.Online Bank account and choose the “Help” link on any page.

Barclays Bank Plc.Email ID # 1009″

So why do I think this is a scam?

  • The most obvious is, I do not bank with Barclays.
  • I use Mozilla Thunderbird for my emails, and it warns me if is thinks a message is a scam.
  • The looks a little suspicious to me.
  • In the address bar of my Internet browser there was no padlock symbol to show the site as being secure.

As far as I am aware, the banks will never contact you by email with this sort of message. However if in doubt, log on to your account the way you usually do, to see if there actually is a problem. DO NOT use the link that is given in the email. If you do, it may look authentic, but is is not!

Just looking at the images below from the scam site, they certainly do look authentic:

Barclays login Scam

Click to enlarge

Here is the address bar from my browser without the padlock symbol. I also have a little app that tells me what country a website is in……..I don’t think Barclays are German??

Barclays login Address false

Click to enlarge

So if you are in doubt about an email from your bank, do not log on from the link they suggest in the email.


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