Parking Meters – Stop Thieving Our Money #STOM

Parking Meter #STOM

Parking Meter #STOMParking Meter Theft

For quite sometime now I have been really anti parking meters! I am still not decided if I hate all parking meters or just some.

My real hatred for parking meters started sometime ago, this was when the council started to install new ones in our area. They were not just replacing old for new, but they were installing meters in places where previously parking was allowed for 20 minutes with no return within 1 hour. The thing is, if your just want to park and nip into one particular shop, then the old system was great. Obviously, the council and other authorities could see that they were missing out on revenue. So came about the installation of even more parking meters.

Meter Free Zones

These days, even if the parking fee is only 20 pence, I tend to shy away from them. Thinking about it, I bet there is nowhere left in the country where parking is 20p? If I have to meet with someone I make sure it is somewhere where parking can be for free. Obviously my attitude, (I am sure that I am not alone) means that this has a knock on effect with the amount of trade that comes into an area, if drivers have to pay to park. This I am sure results in some businesses doing less trade than they really could be doing. So for me personally I look for meter free zones!

Parking Meter Scams

Now this really is a crime; how often do you park somewhere only to find you do not have the right amount for the meter. Of course meters can be very accommodating, if parking is 60 pence; the meter will accept £1 but not give out change! For sometime I have been wondering exactly how much money these sorts of machines make. Well it turns out that Cornwall Council gets in excess of £300,000 a year all because the thieving parking meters do not give change!!

Last year Cornwall Council received over £11 million in parking fees, as a result they received in excess of £300,000 from machines that did not give change. I personally object to the fact that as a driver of a vehicle I am a target for easy money.

Everywhere you go these days in a car there is some corporation trying to wheedle out more money from you. There are even cameras now watching our every move to see if they can find a way of fining us for genuine accidental mistakes!


It would seem that I am not the only one that objects to parking meters. If you click on the picture above to view the full-size, you will see that it has the following sign, “This machine has a hidden recording device so any act of vandalism will be recorded“. So it would seem that in the past some people have had their revenge on parking meters.

#STOM = Stop Thieving Our Money

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