PayPal eMail Scam

PayPal eMail ScamI am now beginning to get the feeling that Christmas is coming, with the increase of scam eMails that I am now getting?

Here is a copy of the latest “I want to steal from you” eMail:

“Please reserve 2 minutes of your time and update your billing informations, for a better security.

We have attached to this e-mail the ‘IdentityCheck Form’ .
Download the attached forum and confirm your full and real billing informations, by filling the form and pressing confirm.

This way you will avoid any problems regarding your accounts security.

Thank You !”

It also cam with the following attachment:

PayPal eMail Scam

This form certainly does look authentic!

With PayPal it is more difficult to confirm as to whether or not the eMail is genuine.

If you do get this eMail from PayPal, DO NOT complete the form!

I would suggest that you access your PayPal account in the normal way, then see if you have any issues within your account.


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