Stop Thieving Our Money #STOM Speed Cameras

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One morning whilst walking my dog I came across a Mobile Speed Camera Van doing what it does best, Thieving Our Money!!

OK, I know that there are people out there that will be shouting, “it is there for our safety”. Maybe this is true to some extent, but I have started to notice that they are  cropping up in all sorts of areas where there are no traffic incidents.

My real objection is that they are being used more and more as easy revenue!

With regards to what I came across (Click on Image to enlarge) I was concerned about the following:

Speed Warning Signs

My understanding was that if a Mobile Speed Camera was operating in a certain areas, they had to place signs at certain distances from the vehicle to warn drivers?

Traffic Offences

I was under the impression that it is a traffic offence to mount the curb?

I also believe that it is a traffic offence to park a vehicle within a certain distance from a corner?

Police Markings

The vehicle was marked on the rear with POLICE. When I questioned the driver/operator of the vehicle, he said that he was not a police officer. Surely there has to be something seriously wrong with this? What if there was an emergency and someone thought that a vehicle marked POLICE would be there to assist?

OK I am no Road Traffic Act expert, but surely it is wrong to commit an offence whilst trying to generate more income?

Anyway I put my points to Dorset Road Safe

“Dear John

Further to your enquiry in relation to the above;

There are as you would expect various procedures in relation to deploying a mobile camera. We have different procedures dependent on the type of camera we deploy. To answer you specific points;

A mobile camera van should always be parked legally. It is important to remember that our vans have the same dispensations as the Police ie. they are able to park on verges and some clearways. You will find they will have exemptions from normal parking regulations which have been given by the respective local authority.

There is no requirement for camera warning signs in law. You may find camera warning signs at certain locations, but they are merely advisory to inform a motorist either of a static camera or the possible presence of a mobile camera. They are not mandatory.

I hope the above is helpful, but should you have any further queries please contact me.

Thank you for contacting Dorset Road Safe.

Yours sincerely

Mark Armstrong

Enforcement Manager

Dorset Road Safe


Dorset Police

(: 01305 227557

(: 760 557 (Internal)


If you know what the actual law is regarding my points, then please do comment below.




Stop Thieving Our Money #STOM Speed Cameras — 4 Comments

  1. Looks hazardous AND illegal to me. Anyone coming out the junction to turn left would have their view obscured by the thieving swines.

  2. When it was parked there, I approached them and told them to clear off!! I gave him a real earful, they have not been back since. I really must look into the Police markings in depth.

  3. I contacted a local police authority with the following question:

    “If a vehicle is marked “Police”, who is allowed to drive that

    If only Police officers can drive a vehicle marked “Police” are
    there any exceptions to these rules?”

    This was the response:

    “any member of police staff or officer with the appropriate authorisation and qualifications can drive Police marked vehicles.”

    I shall have to now enquire as to whether or not Mobile Speed Camera Operators come under this banner?

  4. These fines are outrageous – the government thinks they can generate easy money off us!

    I suggest a nationwide protest by driving at or below the limit so they can’t levy any.

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