Stay Safe Online, The Threat Of Cyber-Crime

cyber-crime-infographic-06Stay safe online, the threat of cyber-crime

As we interact more and more in a virtual world we need to be aware of the threats that cyber criminals pose. Do you know what ransomware is? Do you know how to spot a phishing attack? Perhaps you’ve heard of both of these cyber-attacks but do you know how to counter them or indeed prevent them happening in the first place?

Given our daily if not hourly exchanges online, we are sharing our personal information, including sensitive financial data, with another entity, virtually. With each of these sharing interactions we increase the chance that a fraudster could strike. To transfer these exchanges into a real-world setting, imagine walking round a busy shopping centre with your entire lifesavings in your handbag or pockets. Would you leave the zips open? Would you chat away on your phone as you stand in a que? Would you ask a stranger to mind you bags whilst you popped to get a coffee? Obviously, all of these are ridiculous but online we see similar levels of behaviour or even worse.

With this in mind, online finance firm, who know a thing or two about protecting sensitive data online, has put together an infographic to address the major online threats and how reduce the risk of falling victim to them.

Don’t be a statistic, get savvy and stay safe online this festive period.




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