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Energy Saving Light Bulbs

For quite sometime now I have been using energy saving light bulbs. However, just recently I decided to switch over to LED light bulbs. At first I started off with just one LED light bulb, because I did want to save power, but I also wanted to be sure that I liked them.

LED light bulbs for general household use come in two white colours, Warm or Cool White. The first light that I purchase was the warm light. The light wattage was 9 Watts and this used 50% less power than the 18 Watt energy saving bulb that it replace.

The fist bulb that I chose to replace was the one in my office. The main reason was that I spent most of my time there, also I would be able to see how it affected me during the day.

When I first plugged in the LED bulb I instantly noticed that the light was quite intense and therefore appeared to be much brighter than the light it replaced. I also noticed that the shadows it cast seemed to be more defined. However, having said that I am pleased with the light that it does produce. I am still getting used to it, especially the increased intensity. I do recall that when I changed from normal bulbs to energy saving bulbs, it also took me a little while to get used to the colour/intensity of that light, compared to a normal light bulb.

High Use Energy Areas with LED Light Bulbs

I am not exactly sure what the best strategy is when replacing my current energy saving light bulbs with LED Light Bulbs. My plan though, will be to replace light bulbs that are in areas that are used the most with LED bulbs in order to have the greatest savings.  So if for example I just replace the one light in my office which is on most of the time. Over a year the standard energy saving bulb would cost me about £5.72. Changing just this bulb means that the cost of using an LED Bulb would cost be about £2.54. It certainly seems to me that by changing light bulbs in high use areas would give me a significant saving.

I have calculated that my high use area of the house =

7 light bulbs currently using £33.32 per year.

After the change to LED Bulbs:

7 lights uses 17.78 per year.

Now that does seem to be a significant saving!

LED Compatibility

When I bought my first bulb I was concerned about it fitting my current light fittings. I needn’t have worried, just plug it in and flick the switch!

Here is a chart of the energy used and saved when using LED light bulbs:

LED Light Usage Comparison


 Purchase LED Light Bulbs

You can purchase a range of LED light bulbs here on Amazon:

So if someone asks you what you want for Christmas or Birthday, ask for a LED Light Bulb. This will give you ongoing savings and as a present you cant get better than that.



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  1. Yeah, me too! I tried one first before going bananas with it (surprised by how expensive it was) and really liked the quality. Saw a small difference in the electric bill but considering the life span is so much longer than the regular bulbs that we used to use, it was a good deal. Also it’s much more green, we got to help the environment somehow. 🙂

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