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Before I go onto talk about the Tax Help forum: As some of you know I am a great fan of good free information. In the past I have suggested that if you have a debt question, then why not visit a Debt Help Forum. If you want to see my previous post on Debt Forums click here Using Debt Help or Debt Advice Forums.

Tax Help Website

TaxYap: This is a website dedicated to all things tax related. Normally any tax related website would send most people into a deep boredom coma just by thought of visiting a site dealing with tax. However, this site is different, just the whole layout and feel is more “FUN” looking. I never thought that I would say that about a financial website!

The website is certainly worth a good read through, with lots of advice, useful information and services. The site is still fairly new, but I think it will be one of those websites where you will want to come back and learn more – especially if it means you saving or reclaiming money.

Tax Help Forum

OK here is my Favourite bit, they have a Tax Advice Forum! The wonderful thing about forums is that you can sign in anonymously and ask any question you want. Then you can sit back and read the replies to your question, after a while you will get a better understanding what the best solution is for you.

Tax Topics

Here are some of the topics that they cover on the TaxYap Forum:

  • Self Employed + Contractors R35
  • Small / Medium Employer
  • Employed (No other income)
  • Employed (Second income/moonlighting)
  • Family tax involvement
  • Pensioners + Other
  • Students
  • Benefit Claimants / Tax Credits
  • Inheritance
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Investment / Unearned income
  • Unpaid / Primary Carer / Fosterer
  • VAT All related
  • A New Direction. Divorce/Separation/Insolvency Etc..

So if you have a tax issue then why not pop over to TaxYap and ask the question on their forum? Also explore the site to see if there is anything that you could benefit from. I would also suggest that you bookmark the site, just in case you need it later.


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