#stom White Rabbit Trust Needs Your Help

White Rabbit TrustWhite Rabbit Trust

You may or may not of heard about the White Rabbit Trust (WRT), if you have never heard of them, then I recommend that you do an Internet search for either White Rabbit Trust or Simon Spaniard. Basically from what I understand the WRT is a group of people from all walks of life who collectively are questioning the way that Law and Banking operates. They expose some of the fraudulent activity that goes on within Law & Banking, that is ripping the people off!

WRT uncovers how we are all being shafted by the Law and the Banking system, not only that, but also how the regulators are allowing this to continue. “WRT explores the potential and possibility for a mode of interaction which would benefit everyone and remove the fraud and corruption from the existing ‘state of play’. “

WRT Need Your Help

The mission is to unveil and record the incompetence and shadowy practices of Bank staff selling Loans, Mortgages and Credit Cards ….

WRT Seeking

To establish a “Task Force” of:
Police Officers  – Existing or Ex to investigate and help prepare the groundwork for the prosecution of Bank Staff, FCA Staff, FOS Staff who have been complicit in misleading the public as regards FAKE Debt.

If you are suitably qualified and you want to help… and for all those insiders itching to assist… we call on all financial “Whistle Blowers” to get in contact. whiterabbiteducation(Sign AT Sign)gmail.com

To watch the full version of this video regarding the above click on the Video below:


#STOM Stop Thieving Our Money


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