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Alexa Ranking Experiment to get a Better Ranking — 17 Comments

  1. 10/01/2014 well another 24 hours have gone past, my Alexa Ranking is now 301,768. So currently the site has improved by 5,096, in the short term it would seem that by adding the Ranking tool does have an effect on the sites ranking.

  2. I think Alexa may be more connected to traffic actually. I’ve noticed my largest jumps occur during high traffic periods, especially if they’re connected to a guest post. So perhaps something about another blog linking back to you as well.

    I’d also heard something about linking back effecting it, and I’ve noticed my number continues to go down when I comment heavily on other blogs – so perhaps being able to link back to your website or the CommentLuv widget on other people’s blogs helps too.

    How did you get the Google Ranking to show up for your site? I thought I set mine up a couple of months ago, but I still don’t seem to get any readout.

    • Hello Mel

      Yes I agree with you that Alexa is connected to traffic, but I have to say that the ranking does seem to help a bit when the Alexa Rank is added to the site. I also have a couple of other sites where there is no actual change to the site, and no social interaction. As a result, just by adding the Alexa tool, both sites have seen an improvement to the ranking.

      As for the Google Ranking, not sure what you mean as I didn’t think that I had anything on my site regarding that?


  3. 11/01/2014 Today the reading is 303,462 The figure improvement is 3,402, so maybe there is something to this. I will have to see what the long term effects are?

    However I do notice that there is a slight increase (worse) since my last comment.

  4. 13/01/2014 WooooooooHoooooooo, today when I look at my Alexa Toolbar, I have broken the 3000,000 my total stands at 299,688.

    The only real change that has happened on this site, is that I have created one new post. Mind you when I look back on the Alexa history for this site, the average over the last couple of years has been 383,221.

  5. 13/01/2014 Total today is 298,475, so still going down. At this rate I will rank as well as Google! Surely though there has to be a point where this figure stops going down?

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  7. 24/01/2014 Well there have been a few new posts since I wrote this article, but even so my score is still getting better, as it now stands at 287,754

    Unfortunately for this experiment I was not able to stop writing posts. So I can only assume that some of it is due to new posts and visitors.

  8. 29/01/2014 Total today is 280,230 so another improvement. I personally think that it is all down to my wonderful blogging, that my Alexa rank has improved so much over the period.

    However when I look at my past stats my Alexa average has been 385,017. I suppose the score is helped by having this post, but not only that I am constantly building up my blogs. That too should have something to do with the Alexa score.

    I now feel that my aim is to get it below 100,000, so I now intend to work hard to try to achieve that!

  9. I did that some time ago on a web site and Alexa rank start improving like yours, but then I stop checking it up and now the ranking is worst that at the beginning! So maybe it has something to do with blogging and with the amount of “auto visits “…

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