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  1. Hi cheers for the info, i have a DRO as of the 18th of august 2011 yet a balliff is still harassing me. i’ve told him i have a DRO but he says it doesn’t matter i still have to pay because the have a court order (which was before the DRO was in place) is he right i’m sure he’s not. he’s treatening to come round to remove goods from my home Confused?????????????

  2. My problem is similar to Nick’s. My DRO was approved on 19/10/11. The bailiff claims that unless the original company (the council) have been informed, their instructions stand and they will pursue the debt.
    Before I proceeded with the DRO application I raised the following concern with my solicitor, I asked whether the original co. (the council) should be listed on the application as I am aware the council could simply instruct another bailiff co. making my order void. The solicitor said as long as I had the council’s ref on the application all is well ????? I’m so confused.

  3. Dear Johnny Debt,

    I have similar problem. My DRO is in place as of 30th March. I have two companies not leaving me alone, constant harrassment, several phonecalls a day, several e-mails a day.
    Threatening me with court order and this week door collection agents.
    I’m also mentally ill at the moment and I can’t be held responsible for my actions if someone comes to my parents house and starts threatening or being rude to me.
    I need urgent help before I lose it.

  4. I have been asked for my dro ref no. There are a few no’s on my paper work and i have concentration issues due to depression medication. Which 1 is it?

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