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Where are the Food Banks? Food Bank Locations in UK #FoodBank — 22 Comments

  1. Please could you let me know where the nearest foo bank is to where i live….Cynon Valley South Wales….Cf45 4HH.
    Thanks very much

    • Hello Mike

      Many thanks for visiting my site.

      I have done a quick search and there is a food bank has been set up to help feed Cynon Valley.

      I would suggest that you try this number for more information: 07427 537437 or try this email: info@merthyrcynon.foodbank.org.uk

      Good luck! If you are interested in writing your experience regarding this, I would be happy to post it on my blog – anonymous if you wish.

      Kind regards

  2. If been looking for the on line application form to get food for 3dayz now am really hungry could u give me the link or name of the site thank u so much sooner the beter

    • Hi

      I think the best thing that you can do for now is to contact your local food bank and explain your situation to them. I am sure that they will assist you in whatever is required. Please do let me know how you got on.

      I will do a search for the application form that is required.

    • I have just had a chat with a food bank about how the process works. In order to qualify to receive food you need to be referred to the food bank. Main food bank referrers are, CAB, Women’s Refuge and Doctors, these organisations will issue you with a voucher for food. There are other organisations that can also give out food vouchers. The best thing to do is contact your local food bank and they will guide you through the process of obtaining a food voucher.

  3. Thanks to Davina for this message: Basics food bank as well as operating in Wishaw also operate from Motherwell, Maranatha Centre, Glencairn Street and also Airdrie, Pilgrim Community Church, Cairnhill Road

  4. Hi, I have tried numerous times to contact the mobile and landline no of the food bank at risca salvation army to see how yo get much appreciated food theyv never answered 🙁 if heard u need a voucher I have asked my Doc’s but they don’t have such vouchers and I asked if they could write a note as I explained my situation! But said they couldn’t. I really don’t know how to obtain s voucher and I have a 22mth Old and I’m pregnant but not eating so my daughter can eat the odd thing we have left. I’m really stuck! O know there’s one in Blackwood too but still could anyone tell me how to get a voucher pls? Where from? Do churches do them?? Any help would b great thanks.

    • Hello Louise

      Many thanks for your comment. I have just done a search for a food bank in your area and have got the following result:

      For enquiries please contact us at:

      Tel: 07599973312

      Tel: 01633 613794

      E: info@risca.foodbank.org.uk

      Please do let me know how you get on.

      Good luck


      • Many Thanks but both numbers no one answers and their mailboxes are full! My partner just obtained a food bank voucher (We think and hope!!!) They stamped it…. its for Bellyfull at the Tab life Centre – Pontllanfraith. and again we have no idea what days/ times they are open and no one answers the phone numbers given….. really do not know what to do now as things are even more desperate than the other day!

        I appreciate your time and help with this but feel like im banging my head against a wall…. I dont have transport and would have to walk miles just to see if theyre open! And if the risca one is will they accept the bellyfull voucher? Too many questions i need to ask but kno one is contactable. Soooo frustrated!

        Many Thanks

        Louise, Dave and baby Ava.

        • Hello Louise

          I have listed the opening times below.

          I think it is a bloody poor show that you are not able to get through on the telephone lines. I too have rung the number and just get the message to say that the voice-mail is full!! Maybe if you are actually able to turn up and tell them that you are not leaving till you get some food.

          Another suggestion maybe to ring as many different authorities as you can, at least till someone is able to assist you, perhaps event the police (but not 999)? You could even contact your local paper, as they may be interested in a story like this, and may also be able to help?

          Risca Food Bank We are open:

          Monday: 10am – 12pm

          Wednesday: 10am – 12pm

          Friday: 10am – 12pm

          Find us at:
          Salvation Army
          66A Commercial Street
          NP11 6BA

          For enquiries please contact us at:

          Tel: 07599973312

          Tel: 01633 613794

          E: info@risca.foodbank.org.uk

        • Just had the following on my Twitter account:
          TrussellTrust 2:01pm via Twitter Web Client

          @JohnnyDebt Hi Johnny, thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into it now and will update you as soon as possible

  5. Hi,
    I know that CABs usually hold vouchers, in Risca, there’s a drop in which is part of Caerphilly CAB tel 08444 772020. Open 10 – 1 Mon, Weds & Thurs but best to call first. Their main office will be open outside these hours though I’m sure.
    Housing Associations also usually have vouchers, if you are a tenant of one of them, give them a call & they should be able to help.
    If not, definitely try CAB
    Hope that helps

  6. where are the nearest food bank to me i live in bilston near wolvehampton could you please give me there adress and telephone number

  7. Hi I live in Bridlington I am disabled have limited mobility I had my e.s.a stopped over 4 weeks ago as I was classed as fit for work at my medical , I have severe leg ulcers and a big ulcer on my foot I have had these for 11 years my partner and I are really struggling our cupboards etc are practically empty and I have 2 children my partner is so depressed he has stopped going out and I can hardly walk so am stuck at home every day I need some food badly its awful hearing your children saying they’re hungry.

      • Hi I collected a food voucher from cab yesterday. Apparently there is a food bank at late night pharmacy bridlington but when I texted the mobile number provided online yesterday enquiring where it was they replied giving me the address followed by the words no food. I don’t know if they were saying that because it wasn’t open yesterday I am panicking now as we are not able to get to food banks out of bridlington

        • Hello Emma

          I would suggest that you call the pharmacy today and see whether or not they are giving out food. This message may have been just to put people off who do not have a voucher.

          I would also suggest that you contact your local church, as they will certainly have dealt with this issue before. It would also be worth you contacting the CAB again and asking them to sort a solution out for you.

          Hope your problem is resolved shortly!

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