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Search for Zero Bids on eBay — 2 Comments

  1. Over the years, sniping eBay auctions has become a thing of the normal rather than the exception. So many buyers are in the popular categories that bid on every item each day at competitive prices as a means to acquire product in bulk and then turn around and resale it. With that said, it’s defiantly a advantage for the “every day Joe/Jane” to also use a sniper application to win an item and keep the price down. It’s worth mentioning that because auction sniping has become somewhat saturated, newly listed “Buy-It-Now” only listings are a great source to get low priced items. It requires a constant refresh/searching for new items and sitting infront of the PC (different from sniping) but the reward is big because you’re purchasing before others can even see the item and not leaving an auction up for days and allowing many snipers and normal users compete for the same item.

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