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Not All Bankers are Bad – A Whistleblower’s Story — 3 Comments

  1. To say “not all bankers are bad” is as rediclus as saying not all burgulars are bad. Banking by its very nature is an act of fraud. There is no nice way to commit fraud.

  2. Good for you Johnny Debt. Santander could’ve got away with that for years if you hadn’t have had the courage to whistleblow on them, losing your own career in the meantime. You should’ve been rewarded.
    As for Robbie, yours is the single most ridiculous (learn how to spell it) comment I’ve ever seen. The term ‘banking’ covers a whole host of occupations, like those poor people sitting in a branch in the high street being paid peanuts. They’re certainly not the ‘bankers’ to whom I assume you’re inferring, who work in the city on investment banking.

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