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  1. Iam somewhat confused about this company, it appears both this company and DLC are the same company, trading without a license. One the phone they are very intimadating. DLC handed my debt to MDB saying i missed payments which i did not. This is very confusing. Iam a pensioner and pay what i can. That you for your attention

  2. Sorry I am slightly confused which company and DLC are the same company?

    It is not unusual for debts to be passed from one company to another. Sometimes if a payment arrives a day late it can be classed as a missed payment.

    Yes, some of the collection companies can be very intimidating, on some occasions they have some people I know in tears!

    Do not let them intimidate you.

  3. That’s understandable that money makes people independent. But how to act when somebody does not have cash? The one way is to get the personal loans or just small business loan.

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  10. Thanks for creditors addresses. Could you provide also free advice for debt ?

  11. Graham White Solicitors ceased trading in November 2005 check with the SRA they cannot collect of you or enfoce anything what they are doing is illegal contact the FSA and your local trading standards!!

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  13. I have a problem with a attachment of earnings from welcome finance. Can I stop this going to my boss of do I have to leg it take it’s course as my boss will go mental.

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  20. Hey discussion , I am thankful for the facts – Does anyone know where my business could possibly locate a sample SSA SS-5 form to use ?

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