Making money is a constant concern for many people, and while there are countless conventional ways to earn a living, there are also some unusual but effective methods worth exploring. Where I have written about those money making tips and trick in more detail, you will find a link to that post.
Ultimately, the key to successful money-making is to remain open-minded and willing to explore new opportunities, even if they may seem unconventional at first glance.

Money Making Tips and Tricks

Making Money from Your Water Bill

You could be entitled to up to 6 years worth of refunds from your water bill, check out this post and see how you might be able to claim and save money: Making Money from Your Water Bill.

Tax Credits

According to the website there is approximately £8 Billion pounds of unclaimed Tax Credits every year. So by visiting the you could find that you are entitled to some of the Tax Credits. This post her: Are You Entitled to Benefits is worth reading through.

Switching Bank Accounts

There are a number of people who switch bank accounts and make some good extra dosh, Have a peek at this post Switch Bank Accounts to Make Money to see what they are doing.

How to Find Lost Money and Bank Accounts

There are several techniques you could employ to unearth missing funds and dormant accounts, such as searching through old paperwork, contacting financial institutions directly, or enlisting the help of a reputable asset recovery service provider. This post How to find lost money and bank accounts will show you how to go about finding that lost treasure.

Asking for a Pay Rise

Asking for a pay rise can be a daunting task for many individuals, however, with these top 10 tips, you can learn how to effectively negotiate a salary increase and communicate your value to your employer. Top 10 Tips on Asking for a Pay Rise

Fiverr has become a go-to platform for many individuals seeking to monetise their skills and talents. Whether you are a graphic designer, writer, programmer, or musician, Fiverr offers a vast array of opportunities to showcase your abilities and reach a global audience. From creating custom logos to editing videos, the platform allows freelancers to offer their services in a user-friendly and accessible way. To succeed on Fiverr, it’s essential to build a strong profile and portfolio, clearly communicate with potential clients, and deliver high-quality work in a timely manner. It’s also important to establish competitive pricing, while not undervaluing your expertise. With a little creativity and perseverance, Fiverr can provide a rewarding and lucrative source of income for those willing to put in the effort. Don’t be put off by the word Fiverr, as you can charge more than that.


If you have got something to sell, then why not set yourself up with an eBay account? There are lots of websites that give you hints and tips on how to make money from eBay. Some of these sites also give valuable tips on how to maximise your profits. This really is a great way of making money.

eBay Consignment Selling

If you have mastered eBay, then why not offer to sell stuff for other people? There are many people that do not have the skills or time to sell on eBay, so you could do it for them and take a percentage of the sale. Selling on eBay for other people is commonly known as eBay Consignment Selling. Consignment selling is when a seller agrees to sell an item on behalf of the owner, typically for a commission or percentage of the sale price. In the case of eBay consignment selling, the seller lists the item on eBay, manages the sale process, and handles shipping and customer service, while the owner of the item retains ownership until it is sold.

Room to Let

Look at your property, maybe you have a room, garage or basement that you can let out for storage or living? Maybe you live in the centre of town an you have a driveway that you could let out for someone to park their car in during the day? Why not take a look at my blog post on getting a lodger?

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Not sure what Bitcoin Cloud Mining is, or you want to know a bit more about it? Check out this post, Make Money Cloud Mining, there is also an offer of the free trial.


If you have an interesting/useful hobby, then maybe you could think about how this could be used to earn some extra income? If you actually produce something, then look at ways of selling that product.

Scrap Metal

You recycle and then pay the council to take your recycling away. What about if you recycle and keep hold of the precious items, then sell them yourself? This post, Make Money Recycling may just help you to generate some extra income.

Sell Advertising Space on your Car or Trailer

You often see taxis with advertising on them, well why not do the same with your car or trailer? This post will tell you all about How to Sell Advertising Space on Your Car or Trailer.

Beach Combing

If you live by the sea, why not get some exercise and search for items that have been washed ashore. Often things like smooth driftwood can be sold to crafts enthusiasts or aquarium specialists. Also, old washed up rope, seems to sell well on eBay.

Rent Out Your Driveway

In some areas parking is very expensive; so if you live in such an area and you have off road parking that others could use, then why not rent the space out. You can either do it privately or there are companies on-line that can match you up with a vehicle owner that wants to park in your area. The information Renting Out Your Driveway may be of interest to you. Or click on the photo below to go straight to their site.

Making Money Online

There are a number of sites online, where you can start making money straight away. This post Ways to Make Money Online may be of interest to you.

Matched Betting

Don’t let the word BETTING put you off!! I personally have done matched betting and can confirm that you can make a good amount of money each month from matched betting. There is a more information here on Matched Betting

Rent Out Your Friendship

Some people are willing to pay for the companionship of others, particularly if they’re lonely. You could offer to hang out with people for a fee, and do things like go to movies or events together. If you are thinking of doing this, then perhaps sites like Gumtree or Facebook could help, as these sites are more local to you.

Sell Your Hair

OK, this would be a bit of a one off, as hair is rather slow to grow. If you have long, healthy hair, you could sell it to wig makers or individuals who are looking for natural hair extensions.

Pet Sitting for Exotic Pets

Many people have unusual pets that they need to leave behind when they go on vacation. You could offer your services as a pet-sitter for snakes, lizards, or other unusual creatures.

Mystery Shopper

Some companies will pay you to shop in their stores or eat at their restaurants, and then provide feedback on your experience. This post; Make Money Mystery Shopping, may be helpful.

Rent Your Land to Campers

If you have a large property, you could rent out space to campers who are looking for a place to pitch their tents.


There are various ways of making money blogging.

It is worth clicking on Money Making, as this may bring up some money making ideas that are not currently listed here.


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