Money Making Tips and Tricks

  1. Blogging:
    If you have a blog and it has fairly good rankings, i.e at the time of writing this blog has a Google Rank of 2 and and Alexa Rank of 306,784. Then you have a opportunity to make money from your blog. With the above Rankings I charge £75.00 or $120.00 per year for Guest Posts or Adverts.The problem is that if you are new to  writing a blog, you will not have very high rankings. However in the early stages you can accept free guest posts in order to get your ranking up, then you can start charging for posts.
  2. Twitter:
    If you are a regular Tweeter and you have a fairly large number of followers, then consider joining Sponsored Tweets. When you register with Sponsored Tweets you will be contacted by advertisers who will pay you for Tweeting their products.I do not have many followers, but at present I have made $10 for my efforts. What I have found is that the more followers you have, the more advertisers you will attract to pay you to Tweet,
  3. Tax Credits
    According to the website there is approximately £8 Billion pounds of unclaimed Tax Credits every year. So by visiting the you could find that you are entitled to some of the Tax Credits.
  4. Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
    You may have been paying payment protection insurance on credit cards and loans. The sad thing is that you might not even know you were paying for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). So it is worth having your cards investigated to see if you are entitled to a refund. Your claim could be worth thousands of pound!
    This is something that you can do yourself, or there are many companies out there that will do it for you. If you do use a company then find one that does not charge an upfront fee. I have personally used JD LAW Payment Protection Insurance claims for Payment Protection Insurance claims. They managed to get me back a few Grand.
    This website is designed for you to sell your services for $5 a go. It can be something simple like send a postcard from a certain place for someone, to doing a video review for someone.
    To get some idea of what others are offering just visit the website. Some of the ideas are rather strange, but people do pay for it.
  6. eBay
    If you have got something to sell, then why not set yourself up with an eBay account? There are lots of websites that give you hints and tips on how to make money from eBay. Some of these sites also give valuable tips on how to maximise your profits. This really is a great way of making money.
  7. Room to Let
    Look at your property, maybe you have a room, garage or basement that you can let out for storage or living? Maybe you live in the centre of town an you have a driveway that you could let out for someone to park their car in during the day? Why not take a look at my blog post on getting a lodger?
  8. eBay Again
    If you have mastered eBay, then why not offer to sell stuff for other people? There are many people that do not have the skills or time to sell on eBay, so you could do it for them and take a percentage of the sale.
  9. Hobby
    If you have an interesting/useful hobby, then maybe you could think about how this could be used to earn some extra income?
  10. Blogging Again
    Do you work for a company that does not have a blog, or know someone who would benefit from a blog? Then why not offer your services and get paid for writing someone else’s blog.
  11. Scrap Metal
    There is quite a bit of money to be made from scrap metal, so if you have the room then why not collect scrap metal and then sell it. Find your local scrap metal dealer, and have a chat with them as to what metals take and what prices they offer.
    How often have you gone past some scrap and ignored it? Well if you have a rough idea of what it is worth, then it may well be worth just salvaging it and then selling it onto a dealer.
    Most UK houses are now required to sort their waste for recycling. Then every so often the council will collect it, guess what they do with it? ….. That’s right they sell it! Many supermarkets also have recycle containers, do you think they care about the environment? No, it is more profit for them.
  12. Sell Advertising Space on your Car or Trailer
    You often see taxis with advertising on them, well why not do the same with your car or trailer?
  13. Blog Video Advert
    You can join and then have videos on your site similar to the one below. Then every time a visitor watches the video you get paid!! So go on why not watch this video?
  14. Beach-combing
    If you live by the sea, why not get some exercise and search for items that have been washed ashore. Often things like smooth driftwood can be sold to crafts enthusiasts or aquarium specialists.
  15. Rent Out Your Driveway
    In some areas parking is very expensive; so if you live in such an area and you have off road parking that others could use, then why not rent the space out. You can either do it privately or there are companies on-line that can match you up with a vehicle owner that wants to park in your area.
  16. Tax Credits
    According to the website there is approximately £8 Billion pounds of unclaimed Tax Credits every year based on their tax estimators. So by visiting the you could find that you are entitled to some of the Tax Credits.

Not a very long list at the moment, but keep coming back as I will be updating it regularly.

If you have any Money Making tips then send it to me or leave a comment.


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  2. These are really great and unique tips to save money! I tell my clients to avoid eating out as it costs a fortune added up. Home-cooked meals save a lot of money.

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