Being Thrifty & Making Money to get out of Debt

Sacks for Sale, ThriftIf you are reading this because you are financially up the creek then do read on….

Twitter Followers

Not sure why, but last week I had a sudden spurt of new followers. I have to say that I do get quite a few followers, but these ones were of great interest. They were mainly people who were dealing with a lack of funds. The great thing about it is that they have the courage to tell the whole world about their situation.

So this then prompted me to write a post about who I follow and why. I am sure that I have forgotten some, but hopefully anyone else reading this will be inspired to follow them. Some of you may just be starting out, and hopefully you will get a raft of ideas to help you.

Full Financial Fact Find

Very often we do not know where our funds are going. So the best thing that you can do is a full financial fact find on yourself. Most people do not like doing this, as they do not want to stare at the problem directly. Oh forget about your hangups, just get on and do it!

Basically the fact find consist of recording all your incoming and then subtracting all your outgoings. This can easily be created on a spreadsheet, or you can keep notes on what you spend in one month as you go. There is another post about this here: Write Down your Daily Spend & Save Money Alternatively you could do an internet search for DIY Budget Planner. Anyway, the whole idea is to see how big the problem is and this then gives you a good idea of what you need to tackle.

Thrifty Blogs to Follow

Miss Thrifty: OK, I have placed her at the top of the list as I have known her for the longest. Also over time she has produced some great posts that give good money saving advice. Her blog has been featured by many of the big companies over the years. You can follow her on Twitter here:

Skint Dad: Here is an extract: “The last day at work came and went. Skint Dad returned home and the house was empty. As he sat on the sofa, lost in his thoughts, he started to cry, tears running down his face, thoughts racing through his mind that he wasn’t good enough for his family and that he had let them down.” So instantly you can see what his situation was like. When you read his posts and follow him on Twitter, you can not only get great ideas, but you also get into the mind of someone doing everything he can to make things better for his family. He also does a great FAKEAWAYS!! Follow on Twitter:

The Debt Busting Chick: My Debt Busting Journey to Financial Freedom! I think that DBC is a fairly new kid on the block. I love to follow people from the beginning, because if you are in the same situation you feel exactly what they are going through. Once again another site that is a good read with tips and advice. Follow on Twitter:

Savvy Annie: She spent many years living off credit cards which got her into debt, which meant that she was forced to look at her spending habits and lifestyle. Yet another great site for inspiration, tips tricks and offers. Twitter:

Mortgage Free Journey: This is a Rags to Riches story. She tells the story about a mis-sold IVA (as you know one of my pet hates) and you follow her journey as she eventually wants to be mortgage free! Another great story to follow and pick up tips and trips on the way. Twitter:

OK There are many other blogs out there to follow, but the above are ones that I love to read and enjoy interacting with on Twitter.

I do also on my blog have a Money Saving Tips and Money Making Tips lists that I am gradually building up.

Great Money Saving Tip

My daughter told me a great money saving tip that made me laugh. At the university she goes to, there is one student that has joined a dating website to save money. She says “that it is a great way of getting a free meal!”

Debt Issues

If you have debt issue and want fee advice, then why not head of to the Debt Help Forum RTR and ask your questions there? It is FREE!



Being Thrifty & Making Money to get out of Debt — 4 Comments

  1. Aw – thanks for including me! Some other really good-looking blogs on this list, too. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention. I am new to this with a long way to go but I’m learning so much along the way. Your posts have been very helpful as well as those from the blogs mentioned above. It’s great being apart of this community, everyone has so much advice which keeps me going.

    • Yes some journeys are harder than other, they can also be rather lonely. It is always great to find other people on a similar journey and get inspiration from them.

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