THE PEOPLE v THE BANKS: Eviction Stopped

Eviction Stopped, Bird Family EvictionThis is the story of how on 31 May 2012, the Bird family were facing eviction from their home in Potters Bar. However, a small group of people decided to stand by the Bird family and resist the eviction that was about to take place.

“This film is a testament of what can be achieved when we stand together…..”

“Every day, all over England and Wales the international bankers are unlawfully evicting We The People, from our homes, in what has been one of the biggest scandals currently facing this country. in 2011 alone at least 36,000 repossessions were executed by the banks. However, as you will see, they are based on a gigantic criminal scam.”

When watching the film I am surprised as to how unprofessional the bailiff (Paul Higgs) is. Firstly turning up at the premises smoking a cigarette and then his aggressive attitude! When asked to see the warrant one man replies “There is the F***ng warrant!”

“When they requested to see a copy of the document EX96 “The Bailiff deliberately as the paperwork folded in such a way so as to hide the EX96”

“The EX96 is a key document that transfers liability from the court to the bank in the execution of evictions and is what they used to authorise force to be used by the police.”

“The EX96 must be signed by the bank and return to the court three days before the eviction or it must be cancelled.”

The video is quite a long video but it is well worth watching!




THE PEOPLE v THE BANKS: Eviction Stopped — 2 Comments

  1. an email received:

    Hello there. After watching the video the other day, I felt you may be able to help us in some way. We rent a property through an agent. The property is privately owned. We received, hand delivered through the door, on New Year’s Eve, a notice of eviction (we’ve since found out with subsequent chats with the letting agent that this is due to the property owner not paying his mortgage). Initially we didn’t know what to do or where to turn. As we are a family of seven, myself, wife and five children (including 3 of us that are registered disabled), obviously moving straight away to another property that would suit our needs was going to be problematic. We wrote to the mortgage companies solicitors (as this was the only contact number we could find out, and they didn’t want us to have any contact details of the mortgage company), and we requested more time before the eviction was carried out. The initial eviction was due to take place on the 28th January 2013, following our letter they postponed until the 14th March, when the eviction will take place at 1015am. We were never informed, as tenants, of the initial court hearing regarding the eviction either. We have a new property to move into now, but it is a new build. We have been told by the developers that it will be handed over ‘in March’! Obviously this is causing concern as we don’t know whether it will be early March or late March! I believe that we would have some rights if the property owner here has a ‘buy to let’ mortgage, ie: the lender would become our landlord. Is this correct? What would you suggest we can do to get a stay on this eviction for a little bit longer (I must add we have written to the solicitors again asking for more time but they have said, firmly, no). I notice you mention the EX96 on the video, but this could be too much of a risk to take to have the bailiffs round on the 14th March just in case they have got one in place! Please, if you can, help! I feel that we have done all we can as normal people. When the bailiffs come round and change the locks, the property will be empty initially, the mortgage company won’t be getting any money, and we’ll be homeless if our new house hasn’t been handed over by then. All we are asking for is a small extension, where we will more than happily pay the mortgage company any rent/mortgage payment that may become due in our time here, where they will actually be getting in some money for the property – that will undoubtedly make a refreshing change to them as we have been paying our rent to the agent who, as per his instruction, he has forwarded to the owner who, not as per his instruction to the mortgage company, has just pocketed it!! Please help us if you can.

  2. I understand that the Bird family did eventually move out of the property freely.

    I have to say that it is inspiring to see people stand up for their rights. It is also interesting to see how the mortgage companies are evicting people without the proper paperwork in place!!

    Sadly though, it would seem that evictions can not be stopped indefinitely. With each visit from the bailiffs, the scene becomes more violent. It would also appear that in many cases the police will either do nothing (even to prevent the violence) or even assist in the eviction process.

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