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Saving Money Charging Disposable Batteries – #MoneySaving — 2 Comments

  1. OK, this morning as I was walking the dog, I noticed that it was recycle day. So as the dog was sniffing the latest scents, I was sniffing out batteries.

    I found a whole bag full and from that bag I took 13 various disposable batteries. I have to say that as I was doing it, I looked round shiftily and felt guilty. I felt like a criminal doing this, not sure why, but I did!

    So out of the 13 batteries one was still at full power, the others are now being queued for charging.

    Will let you know what the outcome of that was.

  2. OK I had my first leaky battery, but it really was my fault. I found two batteries that needed charging, so I threw them into the charger. Then I completely forgot about them, for a very long time, over a day.

    When I did remember the charger, I found that one battery had leaked. It was not all doom and gloom though, as the mess was easy to clean up and one of the batteries took a full charge.

    So the message is, do not leave them unattended when charging normal batteries. Watch the video above to get the best way of charging batteries.

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