Money Saving

How am I saving Money?

CashBack Credit Card

I have now had my American Express CashBack Credit card for 1 year. I am now due to get £166.45 credited back to my card. american-express-platinum-cashback-credit-card

I personally do not think that I am using the card to its full capacity!! I often buy something and forget to use it, so I am going to try and change this habit for the next year of use.

I have also contacted American Express and requested a duplicate card for my wife. This way I will be able to increase the overall usage of the card. One thing that very rarely went on the card was the Supermarket shopping. So just this little change should give me even bigger savings next year.

Bio Diesel

I have for sometime now been using Bio Diesel, this has proved to be the biggest saver of all.

I am currently spending £0.35 per litre.

According to my calculations this works out that I am saving around £1,896 per year!!!

Here is my previous blog on Bio Diesel.

CashBack Web Site

For 1 Year now I have been using the CashBack web site. Currently my CashBackaccount stands at £86.75. I do not do very much on-line shopping, but when I do, I always try to use the CashBack website.

Here is my previous CashBack Blog


I use a lot of stamps a month and in order to cut down the amount I spend on2nd Class Stamps stamps I often take a look at eBay to see what is on offer. Not only can I pick up a book of a 100 cheaper, but I also purchase them through the CashBack web site and pay with my American Express CashBack card to get even greater discounts.

I also send all my post 2nd class!


I am a great believer in sending Faxes. The main reason for this is that my current telephone contract gives me free calls to any 01, 02, 0870 or 0845 number.

So if it can be sent by fax instead of by post then that is what I do.

Solar Panel

I have a solar panel that I use to charge a 12V car battery. This in turn is then used to charge some of my electrical appliances such as my mobile. I really do not know how money doing this saves me, but I feel good for being greener. Also I got the battery very cheap from the scrapyard, it even came with a 30 day guarantee.

Discount Vouchers

Whenever I know in advance that I am going to make a purchase or go to a certain restaurant, I do an on-line search to see if there are any current discounts.

I am sure that there are other things that I do, but can not think of them at the moment – but when I do I will blog it here!!!




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  1. What great ideas. not sure about giving the wife a credit card though – I bet your spending increases!

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