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Barclaycard Debt of £1,590.79 settled for £436.00 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi there, do you have a template for a full and final settlement letter that I can use to send to Barclays?
    I have been given dome cash from a friend and would like to pay them £1500 for an overdraft that I owe £3200 on, I also owe £4700 to a credit card and £500 to virgin. My budget leaves me with only £100 from my pay check so with this lumpsum, I would like to pay them. I have spoken to them and they would like to go through all of my bills first before giving me an answer. I own a flat with mortgage. Do you think they will settle? Than you

    • Hello Jo
      Have you done a full financial fact find on yourself?
      Is there any equity in your property?
      I assume that you have enough funds to make an offer to all creditors?
      Regards, Johnny

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