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Wescot Debt Collection Accept £1 per Month in DMP — 15 Comments

  1. i have a debt and need to setup a dmp for wescott services can u help and call me on 07411816385

  2. i have debts with wescot. if you could give me any help or advice it would be much apreciate. thankyou

  3. Hi, i too have a debt with Wescot and any advice on setting up a dmp would be great.

    cheers Rob

  4. Hi, I too have a debt with Wescot & have had a letter offering a discount 40% on an outstanding balance £9623.46 for a limited period, for which is due by 23/10 but not sure to believe them, is it for real? &/or should I argue it out to try & get a better offer? As i would still struggle to come up with discounted balance to pay it off for good!



    • I am sure that it is a genuine offer, just remember if ever you do accept such an offer always keep a record of all correspondences. It is also a good idea to have a third party/family friend to make the payment on your behalf as additional evidence. It is also worth making a payment via cheque with a covering letter.

      I have known payments to be made, only for a Debt Collection Agency to come back later and claim again!

      I have also sent you an eMail.

  5. I do try to respond to all comments left on this site. Please always check your spam boxes, as quite often my emails do end up there!

    You can also contact me via the contact page of this blog.

  6. Hi I got a call from the Westcote I think it’s about llyods bank loan . I don’t have money to pay bank interest right now … My financial condition was so difficult at the moment I’m jobless too.. Pls help me out these about this matter I want to pay one pound per month if it’s possible .. I don’t have any option pls give me advice to me ..thank u

    • Many thanks for visiting the JD website.

      I have a couple of questions for you:

      1. Do you have any other debts?
      2. Do you have any assets such as a property?

      • No I don’t have other debt it just only llyods bank .. And I’m leaving in rent .. I don’t have my own property…I’m a student here but my visa was no work .. So it’s very difficult situation for me.. Give me some solution to help me out of these matter .. Thank you…

        • The best thing that you can do is write to Wescot and tell them of your financial situation. This should also be accompanied by an Income and Expenditure form, showing that you are only able to pay £1 per month. If you want I can review your I&E before you send it off to them.

  7. Hi thanks for ur reply.. I talk about these matter to Westcote on the phone calls.. I hope they will definitely help me.. Thank u so much for ur help…

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