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Barclaycard Debt of £12,138 Settled for £3,624 with Full & Final Settlement — 2 Comments

  1. Hi

    I’ve just received a CCJ from Northampton County court on debt outstanding. I was previously paying a minimum payment to a collection agency. I moved out of my matrimonial home some 19 months ago so was not aware of any payments that had been missed because I thought the monies was being collected direct from my bank account. What do I do in this situation? can I still speak with the debt company to arrange payment or will I have to now address my issues through the county courts?

    • Hello Jaspal

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      It sounds to me as though at some stage the debt was either sold or passed onto another collection agency. Normally a Debt Collection Company will only issue a CCJ if they are fairly sure that there is a reward at the end of the process for them.

      Are you by any chance a property owner or have any other assets?
      When you received your CCJ was it sent to your current address?

      Please answer the above to give you better advice.

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