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Moorcroft Debt Recovery Letter – not too late to do something — 4 Comments

  1. My advice for anyone who has debt collectors chasing them is to simply ignore their silly little threatening letters, the adject of their silly letters is to scare you to pay up,

    Never make contact and never pay up, this has been my practice for over the last eight years, for them to no avail, not a penny, also a doorstep collector did come, left their name, and I have since found out where they live, now it’s my turn to harrass them, and I’m looking forward to whats coming to them.


  2. My advice to people receiving these letters from Moorcroft Debt Recovery is that you should first call Moorcroft and ask for some proof of the debt owed, further to this I would strongly suggest that you contact the supposed original debtor.

    I have been contacted 3 times by Moorcroft with fraudulent claims for money, they have claimed that I owe money to BSkyB, Orange and Lloyds TSB. All 3 times the amount was around £200.

    All 3 times I found that the claims for money were all completely incorrect and I believe that Moorcroft are targeting people specifically.

    I feel sorry for the doorstep collectors as it is not their fault they are provided incorrect information.

  3. Vincent is an idiot and you should not listen to him. What he doesn’t grasp is the fact that if he doesn’t clear his debts, others suffer. The creditor might have to let a member of staff go, that member of staff might have children, a mortgage. Contact the company and deal with it, if you have details of the original company contact them. Don’t leave it

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